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Amoroso Group History

Amoroso Transport Group is a family owned transport company now being run by the second generation of the Amoroso family. In 1956, after numerous labouring jobs, Peter Amoroso Senior purchased a VW micro-bus from the Olympic Games Organisation and set up Peter’s Taxi Trucks in Brunswick. His first contract was with His Masters Voice to transport HMV staff and deliver product to their retail outlets.    Peter worked hard and within twelve months purchased his first rigid truck, a Commer carrier and was performing local work. It wasn’t long before he acquired a big Commer semi with a bogie trailer and 16 ton payload for interstate work to Sydney. The next new addition, in 1962, was a Foden prime- mover with a 96hp, 5 cylinder Gardener. It came with a hot water bottle, blankets and rubber seat cushion. Peter operated his fleet Australia-wide. Melbourne to Sydney was the bread and butter route, but he also serviced mines in the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia. After Cyclone Tracy, his fleet made many trips to deliver goods that helped rebuild Darwin. In 1972 he met Jenny, and they soon married. They produced three sons, Frank, Peter Junior and Damien. As the family grew, so did the business. ultimately operating over 50 trucks. In 1984 The Amoroso Group as a company was formed, bringing together all aspects of the business that Peter Senior and Jenny had built - the Local, Interstate and Storage arms of the business, as well as the newest arm at the time, Amoroso Pallet Recovery - all being run from the depot in Craigieburn. In 2006 Peter Senior handed over the running of the company to his sons who have continued with Peter Senior’s philosophy that if you weren’t loyal to, and didn’t know your customer, you could not grow with your customer. This is more than evident within the group today as you will always see the sons at the coal face, regardless of what needs to be done, be it loading a truck, making a delivery or just getting to know the company’s customers and people face to face, and this is what makes The Amoroso Group a different type of family run transport company, one that cares.
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Peter Amoroso Senior
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AMOROSO TRANSPORT GROUP     Telephone: (03) 9305 7966     Fax: (03) 9305 7988     Transport Terminal, Pallet Recovery & Warehousing: 40 - 42 Potter St, Craigieburn   Victoria   3064
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Telephone: (03) 9305 7966   Fax: (03) 9305 7988
Transport Terminal, Pallet Recovery & Warehousing: 40 - 42 Potter St, Craigieburn Victoria 3064